Environmental Science degree requirements


General Education RequirementsCredits
EN102 College Composition I 3
EN205 Research and Report Composition 3
Mathematics Elective (Choose from MA105 or MA130) 4
Humanities Elective 4
Social Science Electives 8
Subtotal 22


Native American Awareness RequirementCredits
OS110 Ojibwa Language & Culture I 4
Native American Awareness Elective --
Subtotal 4



Program RequirementsCredits
ES110 Introduction to Environmental Science 4
BI206 Principles of Ecology 4
Wildlife Science Elective (Choose from BI130, BI203, or BI204) 4
Plant Science Elective (Choose from BI109, BI210, BI211, or ES121) 4
Earth Science Elective (Choose from GS105, GS122, GS215 or ES230) 4
Science Elective (Choose any BI, ES, GS, or MA201) 4
ES298 Internship 1
General Elective 3
ES297 Capstone Seminar 4
Subtotal 34


Total Credits Required60 

*Science electives maybe BI, CH, ES, GS, MA130 or above, or PH courses. Courses maybe chosen to design concentrations in forestry, water resources, conservation biology or geoscience. All science elective courses must be pre-approved by the academic advisor.