Liberal Studies degree requirements


General Education RequirementsCredits
EN102 College Composition I 3
Composition Elective (Choose from EN202 or EN205) 3
Lab Science Elective 4
Mathematics or Science Elective (Choose from MA105 or MA130 or a Science course number 101 or higher) 4
Humanities Elective 4
Social Science Elective 8
Subtotal 26


Native American Awareness RequirementCredits
OS110 Ojibwa Language & Culture I 4
Subtotal 4


Liberal Studies RequirementsCredits
Liberal Studies Electives* (May not include BS, ECE or IS courses) 19
General Electives (May include BS, ECE or IS courses) 6
IS110 Principles of Information Systems** 4
LS297 Capstone Seminar 3
Subtotal 32


Total Credits Required62

* At least twelve credits must be numbered 200 or above.

** Students who can demonstrate proficiency in using the computer applications covered in IS 110 by either 1) providing evidence of successfully completing computer courses in secondary or community education settings within the past five years or 2) passing a KBOCC-administered proficiency exam will be permitted to select an alternative course or courses totaling 4 credits. Liberal studies majors who are interested in this option should speak with their advisor about procedures and appropriate alternative course selections.

At least two credits of electives must be selected from courses identified as Native American Awareness (see page 33 of catalog).