Distance Learning

Video Conferencing

Every classroom is equipped with projection screens and distance learning capabilities. KBOCC supports H.323 (IP) conferencing, and web-based video conferencing. Endpoints are located in three classrooms at the main campus building, one classroom at the day care in Zeba, and in a meeting room at the hotel/casino. Our Lifesize High-Definition videoconferencing system, lifesize.com, provides clear video quality and multimedia sharing between endpoints. 

Smart Technology

All KBOCC classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard Technology including SmartSlates and SmartResponse. One classroom is designed as an official distance learning classroon and includes a touch controlled SmartBoard. 


Computer/GIS Labs

The main computer lab is equipped with 20 PC computers utilizing MS Office, open source programs, Adobe Photoshop, and other course appropriate software. The GIS lab has 5 computers accessible for ArcSoft, MiniTab, and other software utilized for the Environmental Science program. All lab computers are available for student use during posted lab hours. A user ID and password is required for access to the computers. Printers are available for student use. Students are expected to abide by the computer use policy located in the Student Handbook.