Niiwin Akeaa Center (Main Campus) 

111 Beartown Road Baraga, MI 49908


The college's main campus, “Niiwin Akeaa (Four Directions) Center”, located at 111 Beartown Road, houses the administrative and faculty offices, classrooms, computer lab, and GIS lab. The Niiwin-Akeaa Center also has a gym, fitness center, commons area, and meeting rooms.


Computer/GIS Labs

The main computer lab is equipped with 20 PC computers utilizing MS Office 2010, open source programs, Adobe Photoshop, and other course-appropriate software. The GIS lab has 5 computers accessible for ArcSoft, MiniTab, and other software utilized for the Environmental Science program. All lab computers are available for student use during posted lab hours. A user ID and password are required for access to the computers. Printers are available for student use. Students are expected to abide by the computer use policy located in the Student Handbook.


Science Lab/Learning Resource Center  

409 Superior Ave. Baraga, MI


The Ojibwa Community Library collection contains print, audio, video, and digital material. The Library offers Internet access for research as well as a full complement of library materials and services. The materials include items for each of the College's programs, including career and placement programs. The library specialty is its Native American collection, which includes books, periodicals, and audio/visual media.  The library is a member of the Upper Peninsula Region of Library Cooperation which provides direct access to library materials across the region. To search the online catalog click on the following link: Online Catalog

The library's computer lab also provides access to online library services through the Michigan Electronic Library (MeL) and theAmerican Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Virtual Library. Downloadable digital materials including e-books and audiobooks, are available to library cardholders via the Great Lakes Digital Libraries. Some of the programs offered via the library:

  • Interlibrary loan
  • Internet Research
  • Reference Materials
  • Current Periodicals
  • Programs of community interest

Science Lab

The science lab has eight available working spaces and is furnished with various supplies and equipment. Some of the equipment inventory includes an incubator, and an autoclave along with other various equipment.