Admissions Registration

Open registration is held prior to the beginning of the semester. In order to register, students must have completed the following:

  • Admissions forms
  • Financial aid application
  • Registration card approved and signed by advisor

Returning students must have account balances paid in full prior to registration.

Late Registration

Students may register through the first week of the semester. Late registrants (on or after the first day of the semester) are responsible for making up any missed course work and must pay the late registration fee of $25.00. Students enrolling in courses that begin after the first week of the semester are exempt from late fees.

Adding Courses

Registered students may add courses through the end of the second week of the semester with the approval of the instructor and advisor. An official drop/add form must be submitted to the Enrollment Office.

Dropping Courses

Registered students may drop courses through the end of the second week of the semester without a transcript notation by completing a drop/add form with instructor’s and advisor’s signatures and submitting it to the Enrollment Office.

Registration Cancellation

Students who do not attend classes during the first two weeks of a course will have that course enrollment cancelled. Students who are unable to attend due to an emergency may maintain their enrollment by notifying the Dean of Student Services and providing documentation of the emergency.

Course Audit

Students wishing to audit a course must complete the registration card and application form and pay the audit fee. Students taking a course for credit will have priority over students auditing a course if classroom space is limited.

Repeated Courses

Students registering to repeat a previously attempted course for which a grade was issued must submit a Repeat Course Form with the registration card. The first grade earned will be converted to an “R”, and the second grade will be recorded on the permanent transcript regardless of which grade is higher. No prerequisite course may be repeated if a more advanced course has been completed with a grade of "C" or better. Repeating a course more than once will result in the loss of financial aid for that course.


Withdrawal from Courses after Drop/Add Period

A student may begin the withdrawal process by obtaining a withdrawal form from the Dean of Student Services. Students may withdraw after the second week and before the final week of the semester. Courses from which students have withdrawn will appear on their grade reports and transcripts with a “W” grade.

In unusual circumstances, i.e. a serious student illness, the withdrawal may be processed via telephone and fax. The withdrawal must begin with an actual phone contact with the Dean of Student Services (or designee, if unavailable) to ensure identification of the student and that the withdrawal information is correct.

Tuition and fees are assessed on the number of credits for which students are enrolled at the end of the second week of the semester. Withdrawing from a course after the second week will not result in a tuition reduction. Certain student financial aid grants and scholarships require students to refund all or part of the tuition and fees for courses from which they withdraw.

Withdrawal from the College

Students needing to withdraw from the College during the course of the semester must meet with the Dean of Student Services to complete the necessary withdrawal form. Failure to complete a formal withdrawal may result in the student receiving “F” grades in all their courses.

The tuition and financial aid information in the above section applies to withdrawal from the college as well.

Administrative Withdrawal

Administrative withdrawal is the termination of a student’s enrollment in a course by the College. It is used to correct registration errors or for disciplinary reasons. Student actions that might lead to administrative withdrawal include plagiarism, persistent disruption of classes, harassment, violence, or copying of another student’s work.

Refer to the Student Handbook for additional withdrawal information.